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Dead Reefs is a 3D investigative adventure PC game.

It takes place off the coast of England in the 1700s, where ruthless pirates run amok. Discover what adventures lurk beyond...

A band of pirates discover an evil relic, and you must help discover the source of the curse. Once discovered, it's up to you to figure out how to remove it!

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A fascinating and mysterious adventure that takes place in the 18th century and spreads over several decades, combined with an absorbing murder investigation

Play as a detective and defy unnatural events, solve challenging riddles and risk your life to defeat a vicious killer

Truly non-linear gameplay in which your actions determine unique outcomes and endings

Full 3D environments using Virtools technology

Stunning graphics, real-life characters, and gorgeous animations

Mysterious adventures await those who dare to explore the depths of Dead Reefs.

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